E•Z Breathe® Balanced Ventilation for Energy Efficient Homes


Balanced Ventilation for Energy Efficient HomesIf you are living in an air-tight energy efficient home, E•Z Breathe® is your solution for clean, healthy living.


The new E•Z Breathe® system provides a much-needed path for fresh air into the home. This hybrid system brings fresh air into the home, filters and conditions the air, and then circulates it throughout the home. E·Z Breathe expels stale, moist, contaminated air, resulting in a complete home air exchange 6 to 10 times daily. The result is a balanced indoor living environment achieved at optimum energy efficiency.


The E•Z Breathe® Advanced Balanced Ventilation System delivers all the benefits of ERV and HRV systems at about a third of the cost. Clearly superior in all areas, including operation, function and cost, E•Z Breathe® gives your home a much needed breath of fresh air while providing a controlled path of escape for your indoor contaminants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.


The Benefits of Balance Ventilation For Your Home:




Making Your Home A Healthy Home

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